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Bile Duct Saga

October 2020, After a MRI ,CT scan and more blood tests, my doctor has informed me I have a blocked bile duct. Bile is backing up into my liver and therefore has no where to go other than into my blood and though my skin. This is what's causing me to itch and look slightly yellow. My Liver team and oncologist have decided the only option to solve this is to get me in to hospital. Luckily covid has calmed and doctors are able to perform something called a PTC. Its basically a big needle that they stick into your abdomen and feed what is effectively a pipe cleaner into you bile duct to clear the obstruction. After this they insert a stent to help keep the duct open for business. Its a very painful process usually done under a local aesthetic. However, this specialist medical team didn't see me coming!! Due to my past liver surgery I have a mesh fitted over my liver. After 3 stabbings, they could not get through to my bile duct. The only hope now was to put me to sleep and pass the needle through the left side of my abdomen. This was successful but led to me having an external drain fitted for a couple of days. This gave my liver a chance to rest from the overflow of bile drowning it!

After 10 days at QA hospital I was allowed to go home and rest up. This was just the start of what was a 3 month struggle through Christmas to get back to health. I Have now had 3 separate procedures to alleviate blockages in my bile duct. I have had infections and pancreatitis! but I am now almost fit enough to receive chemotherapy again. Its been a big fight to get into a position to start tackling the cancer again. I have had to dig deep to find the drive to get my fight back. However, its back!!! and I only have 3 months until I get to meet my second daughter who is due to be born at the end of may. The people looking after me at QA oncology ward, day unit, radiology and the endoscopy dep't have been amazing and patched me back up when things have gone wrong. Even though we have been facing one of the hardest times for the NHS they have still been there for me.

Nobody is sure why my bile duct keeps blocking, one theory is that its down to the treatment and surgery I have had to my liver. Hopefully fingers crossed I'm now ok to get on with killing cancer again, wish me luck.

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