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Double Trouble

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The beginning of October 2020 and the cancer in my liver is growing again!! The summer lockdown stopped my normal treatment schedule forcing no option but to go ahead with double chemotherapy without any delay!! This type of cancer treatment is regular chemotherapy (FOLFIRI) combined with Something called TACE or Transarterial chemoembolization. The hope being that the regular stuff kills the cancer everywhere in my body and TACE directly targets the tumours on my liver.

I was scheduled to have the TACE treatment in-between my regular chemo but Unfortunately I'm not holding up to well. After a summer of rowing I thought my body would have been ready for the onslaught. However, Its a first round knockout!! as the blood tests following showed my liver function is poor and I'm starting to go slightly Jaundice. Im Feeling very fatigued and my skin is so itchy its driving me a bit mad. So its back into Hospital to try an untangle this mess!!

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