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Finally Chemo Round 4

I'm writing this blog while sat here having my 4th round of chemo in 2 years. This round of chemotherapy was scheduled to start in September 2020 and finish before Christmas that same year. I have had some severe complications with my bile duct/liver over the past 4 months. I am now finally in a position where I'm healthy enough to receive chemotherapy treatment again. Woo hoo!! its seems odd being excited about having more poison injected into my body. However, I know that the chemo kills the cancer that's invading my body.

I haven't had an MRI scan since September 2020 so we don't have a recent picture of what the cancer in my liver and lungs is up to. My body has allowed me 3 lots of chemo and one TACE treatment since September. I'm hoping that this has kept those bad boy tumours quiet and they are not spreading anywhere. I'm scheduled to have a scan in the next few weeks, giving me a better picture of where I'm at with it all.

My chemo will start off slow and build up a level where cancer cells are popping like popping candy. All going well and my body holds out, the treatment will carry on until the end of April. I have lots to fill my time with while I'm going through treatment. Carlie and I are in the process of buying a new house. At the same time were preparing for the arrival of our second child in May. Life does not stop for cancer! I want to keep going with whatever I can. I try to keep some sort of normality surrounding me and my family. I don't want cancer to rule my life but its in the background of everything I do. My focus is to get better but not at the cost of me and my family enjoying the things we have worked hard for. I have no doubt that I will kick this into touch, but I'm not complacent. Stage 4 cancer is not an easy beast to tame, I remain positive and just put one foot in front of the other, moving forward to a brighter day without the need for chemotherapy.

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