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Scan Results In!, Judges Have Scored It A Draw!

Scan results are back from my liver MRI and chest CT scans.

The scans are showing that cancer in my Liver is in a stable condition. It hasn't changed in size much since November. There are 3 areas of concern in my liver and two sites have shifted in size and increased by 1mm. In terms of how cancer grows, this is a small amount. I've not had a full round of chemo since November due to complications caused by the treatment. So I will take that result on the chin and move forward.

I am going to carry on with the chemo and hopefully, I can get a full round in. Basingstoke liver specialists are yet to look at the results and make a decision about other treatment options such as TACE or Radiofrequency Ablation. I still have a fight ahead of me but it's good to know my cancer hasn't spread out of control.

Other news is that we are moving into our new house next week. I have lots to sort out between treatment, life carries on at a rapid pace. I'm super excited to be finally moving into our own place giving lots more room for our ever-expanding family to grow into. I'm also looking forward to the obscene amount of DIY projects I can get my teeth into.

So all in not a bad result, it would have been nice to be told that my cancer had retreated or better still gone. However, I'm still here!! and I'm not going anywhere!!

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Mike Randell
Mike Randell
31 mars 2021

Hi Reece, good to hear the update and your‘e spot on ”under control” and no doubt chemo will continue. No doubt the house move will keep you busy!! I’ve had a couple of dodgy platelets and n/phils so delayed each by a week but had no3/12 yesterday (bit manky) but will pass!

Take care Mike

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