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No Easy Way Out!

It's been 8 months since my last update on here. In that time I've welcomed my 2nd daughter into to the world, moved house and started a new job! It's all been quite full on.

The shit head cancer is unfortunately still on the attack. The chemotherapy I was on stopped having an effect. I've had lots of problems with my biliary system. With numerous visits to see the amazing radiology intervention team at QA hospital. The Cancer is wrapped around and/or up against my bile duct within my liver. Thank god Dr Ball has managed to keep the billary system open and working enough for me to receive some more specialist treatment at Basingstoke Hospital.

Two rounds of TACE chemotherapy at basingstoke has seen me in hospital for around 8 days across 3 weeks. This was hard going as it made me feel quite ill 🤢. Recent scans suggest that the TACE treatment may not have had the impact we were all hoping for 😔. Although it is hard to tell at this point, Docs think I might still have some inflammation from the TACE treatment making it very difficult to give an accurate response diagnosis.

It's quite an upsetting and frustrating time as I seem to be going in reverse. Not making much, if any progress with my condition is hard on myself and my family. The main thing is that I remain positive and the professionals keep giving me options to fight the crap out of this thing.

For now, it's time to go back to the original chemo drug that did such a good job at clearing my liver up nearly 3 years ago! 3 years, can't belive that much time has passed since this all kicked off! Well it takes what it takes. There is no easy way out!

BIG Love ❤

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